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wedding Cake, Wedding favor, Guo Da Li

We have journeyed with couples looking for treats & sweets for their wedding since our beginning in 2016. Every wedding is important to us and cherished. From Guo da li to wedding favor to wedding cake, we love to be a part of your wedding day! Simply contact us to find more!

Individually packed cupcake with personalised sticker for wedding
Individually packed macarons with personalised stickers for wedding

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are essential door gift to show appreciation to your wedding guest for attending your wedding. Edible wedding favors such as cakes are popular as they signify the sweet union of the wedding couple.


Our individually packed cupcakes and macarons wedding favors come with personalised couple name sticker. We can also customise the wedding favor selection if you are looking into more items per box.

WhatsApp us at 90212206 or click the button below to enquire more!

2 piece Macarons with personalised stickers for wedding
Indiviudally packed cupcakes with personalised stickers for wedding
Individually packed tart with personalised sticker for wedding
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Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake serve as a main centerpiece display at most wedding receptions which may or may not be serve to guests depending on the logistical planning and schedule of the wedding ceremony. Traditionally, wedding cakes were mostly white representing purity, luxury, and social importance. However, modern wedding cakes can be done more creatively to suit the theme and colour of your wedding.

Baker V specialises in buttercream style Wedding cakes which come in a variety of sizes and tiers depending on the number of guests the cake will serve. Our price starts from as low as $125 for a single tier. In addition to a wedding cake, some people prefer to serve other desserts in the form of wedding favors, such as cupcakes, macarons, or tarts. This is cheaper than having a very big wedding cake which you may not have the time to cut and distribute to all your guests. These desserts can be individually packed and given to guest for immediate consumption or for them to bring home to enjoy.

Sweeten up your wedding with our wedding cakes in single tier, 2-tier or 3-tier. Whatsapp us at 90212206 or shop at our online store for available designs!

3 tier fresh floral wedding cake
2 tier fresh floral wedding cake
3 tier fresh floral wedding cake
3 tier fresh floral pink wedding cake
2 tier Elegant & Rustic White Floral wedding cake
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