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about us

Baker V is a bakery started out in 2016 from the passion for baking and all things beautiful. Having started our careers in the corporate world, we decided to shift our direction in life to do the things we love. By doing the things we love, we hope to bring more happiness and smiles to others. Our goal is to create memorable memories for people around us for all kinds of occasions, be it birthdays, weddings or any parties.

All the bakes are baked fresh in small batches upon orders. We are constantly on the look out for exciting and delicious bakes, so there is always something to look forward to for everyone. We understand that there are no short cuts in life and that applies to our philosophy in baking too. Each cake & treat is baked and hand decorated with humble ingredients without any preservatives.

Feel the love... embark on your celebration journey with us & grab your piece of happiness today (:



Yours truly,

Baker V

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